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What are the 6 Things You Should Not Use a Vacuum Cleaner On?

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are a necessity for cleaning homes due to the increasing rate of indoor pollution. These handy devices help you to easily clean hard surfaces, upholstery, beds, and sofa. The advancement in technology has made it possible to have access to some of the best vacuums in the market.

Although a vacuum cleaner is a versatile device, it should not be used for cleaning everything that you come across. Irrespective of the type of vacuum cleaner that you are using (bag-less or bagged), there are some items that you should not use your vacuum cleaner for. Vacuuming the 6 items in this article can have severe consequences such as clogs and electrical failure. Read on to discover what these items are and why you need to avoid them.

Water in vacuum cleaners

If you are using a regular vacuum cleaner, it is not meant for picking up water and other liquids. If you are tempted to vacuum up water, you may be electrocuted and can also damage the machine. Vacuuming up water can also result in a nasty mess when you want to empty the bag.

Wet-dry vacuums (also referred to as shop vacs) are ideal for picking up water and other liquids without causing any harm to the machine or danger to your life. These vacuums are affordable and are recommended for emergencies where you have to clean puddles or spills.

However, don’t make the mistake of using a regular vacuum for cleaning water.


Don’t be tempted to use a vacuum cleaner when you are cleaning broken glasses. Bits of the glass can damage the vacuum. If you are using a vacuum that has a bag, the bag can be punctured by the glass; thereby resulting in a serious mess. Even if the vacuum cleaner does not have a bag, bits of glass can damage the inner part of the machine. They may also clog the hose.

Instead of using a vacuum cleaner, sweep the big pieces of the broken glass. Then use a piece of bread or damp paper towel to pick up the tiny pieces that you couldn’t pick up by sweeping.


Makeup spills can be an eye-sore. However, you can create a more severe mess when you try to vacuum up the spills. The vacuum brush may spread the market into your carpet or rug. If you’re not able to successfully suck up the makeup into the vacuum, it may melt when it gets into the machine. This can lead to a mess that you won’t enjoy cleaning.

Instead of using a vacuum cleaner for makeup, the ideal thing is to pick the ones you can. You can then use one of the cleaning tips in this blog to see how you can clean the rest of the stain or spill.


Using a vacuum cleaner for coins can damage the delicate parts of the tool. Coins are hard items and they can break the inner parts of a vacuum cleaner. If you’re using a bagged vacuum cleaner, coins can rip the bag. The ideal thing to do is to remove coins (and other hard items) from the floor before you start vacuuming.

Hot Items

You can start a house fire if you vacuum up hot coals, lit cigarette butts, hot ashes, and other hot items. You should never make the mistake of vacuuming up hot ashes even if they are cool due to their fine and powdery texture. Ashes can damage the motor of your vacuum cleaner. Any damage caused by hot items can rarely be fixed.


The cables of vacuum cleaners are tough and can withstand some forms of stress. However, running a vacuum cleaner that uses a spinning brush over a cable is not a good idea. The motion of the brush can damage the outer part of the cord. This can damage the cable and make them dangerous to use.

To avoid this danger, ensure you hold the vacuum in such a way that it doesn’t run over its cable. Most vacuum cleaners have a cord clip that makes it easy to keep the cable out of the way. Also, check the room for any cable that may be in the way. Pick up the cables you see on the ground so that you don’t run over them.

What surfaces can you vacuum?

You can use a vacuum cleaner for inside drawers, mattresses, blinds and curtains, the broom, under the bed, window sills, sofas, and keyboard amongst others.

Are vacuum cleaners bad for electronics?

It is not advisable to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of your computer (and other electronics) because the machine creates a huge static build-up that can discharge into the sensitive components inside the electronics.

Can you use a vacuum cleaner for clothes?

Apart from removing crumbs, dirt, and dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner and a box of baking soda to remove odors and improve the appearance of fabrics.

Can vacuum cleaners clean dust?

Yes, vacuum cleaners can be used to clean dust. Vacuum cleaners are tools that are used for removing and cleaning many types of surfaces by sucking and getting rid of dust and small particles. These handy devices are powered by electricity. The dust particles that they remove are lodged into a cyclone or dust bag in the cleaner.

Wrapping Up

A vacuum cleaner is a handy tool that does a great job at cleaning your home. This article has revealed some of the items that you should not use your vacuum cleaner for. Cleaning the items discussed in this article with a vacuum cleaner can cause severe damage.

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