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Every company likes to pretend with the best services and 100% clients satisfaction and so on, but let’s be realistic – How many of them really take care of their working conditions and stimulate their employees to be productive in a healthy working area? If you are a perfectionist in what you’re doing and you’re goal oriented and responsible of your staff person, then you’re in the right place!

The most important thing when you’re running a business is to motivate your employees and to provide them with the best possible working conditions. If you want your business to expand, the first thing you need to do is to make a good impression to your clients and potential employees and in terms of keeping and protecting your business, you always have to keep it in immaculate and presentable condition. Remember that your staff and their health is your responsibility. There are millions of people with asthma in the UK. The people suffering from these problems cannot stand not-perfectly clean areas and might have even worse health issues if you don’t take the initiative in your hands. Dirty business environment or just slightly dusty areas might affect seriously on their health. Imagine being paralyzed by fear as you struggle to breathe, unable to speak, unable to ask for help. That’s what an asthma attack feels like.

Office Cleaning london

There are 5.4 million people with asthma in the UK, which means asthma affects one in every 11 people and one in five households. Asthma is not just an excuse to skip P.E. For a quarter of a million people with severe asthma, even climbing the stairs can feel like a marathon, never mind going outside their home. Every 10 seconds someone is having a potentially life-threatening asthma attack in the UK.

Every day, the lives of three families are devastated by the death of a loved one to an asthma attack, and tragically two-thirds of these deaths are preventable. The key to a successful business environment is showing your employees and clients professionalism and to take care of the working conditions and the hygiene in your office/ business center or working area. Show them that you care and motivate them with even more! We require regular cleaning every week for business environments because the working area is the place we spend almost the whole day and

Our job is to offer you the best office cleaning in London!

Every company wants to provide a clean and healthy working environment for staff and clients. And if your business is in an industry that has spot inspections from local health and sanitation departments, you’ll need to ensure your premises are cleaned to a consistently high standard. We can help.
At Top Cleaning we have extensive experience cleaning offices for business all over London. What’s more, we make the whole process simple with monthly invoices and reports, advance bookings and securely held keys.
Working with office cleaning experts
From small working spaces to large business centers, our office cleaning technicians carry out all the activities needed to keep your premises sparkling clean and presentable in an official and professional way.

Take a look at some of the office cleaning services we provide:

  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Emptying and disinfecting rubbish bins
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Mopping and cleaning bathrooms
  • Toilets and kitchen areas

Top Cleaning GB will carry out work after your working day or at weekends, and we can also supply cleaning and sanitary products.
Because we’re known for our high cleaning standards and professional cleaning management process, we clean offices for a number of large London companies. These include POS Rail Management Services in Harrow area, Shamrock Sport and Social Club in Acton area, Walthamstow Forest FC in Walthamstow area, Spanish Defence at Notting Hill Gate area, James Daniel London at Fulham area and many more.

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Office Cleaning Price Min h/p visit
– regular (from) £13.00 p/h 3 hours
– one off (from) £15.00 p/h 3 hours
Spring Cleaning (from) £15.00 p/h 3 hours
Builders Cleaning (from) £17.00 p/h 3 hours
We clean green(from) £17.00 p/h 3 hours