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How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

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There is nothing more enjoyable than enjoying a soothing bath or shower in a clean bathroom. Since the bathroom is where we get clean, it only makes sense that the bathroom is clean as well. How tidy is your bathroom in reality? How frequently should we wipe the counters, clean the shower, and scrub the toilet? You might be shocked to learn that the suggested interval for cleaning each bathroom area varies. We’re here to explain it to you so there’s no ambiguity regarding how frequently you ought to clean the bathroom.

Why Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

Many people have learned over the past few years how crucial it is to keep surfaces clean and germ-free. Since germs can stay on surfaces for up to seven days, cleaning your bathroom often can stop them from spreading and making you sick.

A spotless bathroom not only keeps germs at bay but also reduces stress. You can use your bathroom as a place to relax and unwind if it is neat and clean. A hot bath in a spotless bathroom will probably be more soothing than one in a cluttered, filthy area.

Now, let’s take a look at how often you should clean the different areas in your bathroom.

How Often Should You Clean the Counters and Sink?

This has to be done frequently. Sinks need to be cleaned and disinfected every day. When you wash your hands in the bathroom sink after using the restroom, the water picks up germs, and when it splashes back onto your hands and the counter, they are no longer clean. So, use a simple disinfectant and a damp towel to wipe down your sinks and surfaces every day.

How Often Should You Change Your Hand Towels and Bath Towels?

You’re wrong if you think your bath towels and hand towels cannot get dirty quickly since we use them to dry ourselves once we’re clean. Bath towels and hand towels can harbor bacteria if they are left damp for an extended period. Hence, they should be changed every other day.

How Often Should You Clean the Bath Mat?

You usually step your feet onto your bath mat after cleaning up in the shower or tub. You might as well step out of the shower and into the yard if your bath mat is filthy. Washing your bath mat at least once a week is a good general rule of thumb to keep your feet clean and your floors clean. You can reduce this to once every 3–5 days if other people are living in the house.

How Often Should You Clean the Bathtub and Shower?

We must maintain cleanliness in the shower because that is where we clean ourselves. Fortunately, we don’t have to clean that area every day. The professionals advise cleaning the tub and shower every two weeks. Also, give your tub a quick scrub before each bath. It’s interesting to note that cleaning your shower curtain is advised more frequently than cleaning the shower, every week. This will stop mildew from growing, which, in some people, can irritate their eyes, skin, and throat.

How Often Should You Clean the Floor?

You should sweep or vacuum the bathroom floor every week, especially if you have pets in the house. Sweeping frequently will prevent dust from gathering in other places and make cleaning easier over time. If you have allergies, it could also ease your burden. On the other hand, mopping ought to be done every few weeks to remove any bacteria that might have gotten onto the floor.

How Often Should You Clean the Bathroom Mirror?

Fortunately, the bathroom mirror is basically for aesthetics. Mirrors are low-touch places, so they have a lower likelihood of spreading bacteria, even if they can contain bacteria from splashing back from the sink or bacteria in the air. It would be a shame to have unclean mirrors if you have already cleaned everything else. The mirrors don’t need to be cleaned every day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them once in a while.

Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaning spray to wipe down your mirrors to get a streak-free mirror. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to dry and polish the mirror for a completely streak-free finish.

How Often Should You Clean the Toilet?

The toilet is the starting point for determining how regularly you should clean the bathroom. All germ activities take place here. You should clean the toilet at least once per week. You should clean it every two to three days if you have a large household. This does not imply that you must scrub thoroughly every two to three days. To get rid of bacteria, you should disinfect the toilet and toilet seat using a disinfectant wipe or some hydrogen peroxide.

How Often Should You Thoroughly Clean Your Bathroom?

You do not need to give your bathroom a deep clean more than once every two weeks to once a month if you maintain regular cleaning. Do more cleaning during a deep clean than during a regular one. You also clean the inside of medicine cabinets, drawers, and other places in addition to the surfaces. You will also thoroughly clean and sanitize the whole area, including all the cracks and crevices.

 Get Professional Cleaning Services for Your Bathroom

The easiest approach to keeping your bathroom spotless is to do regular cleaning to prevent the growth of germs and give it a thorough cleaning in every nook and cranny once or twice a month.

There are just so many things you can do to clean your bathroom. A cleaning service can keep your home looking beautiful without going through the stress involved. Expert cleaning services should be used at least twice a year to make sure your bathroom fixtures last as long as possible.

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