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How Often Do We Have to Clean Our Carpets and Rugs at Home?

Carpets and Rugs

The carpet and rug are important components of any living space. Hence, it is necessary to maintain their appearance. They need to be free from odor and dust so that your living space can be hygienic. Since the carpets and rugs signify sizable investments, they need to last for as long as possible.

If you want your carpet and rug to keep performing at their best, we recommend professionally deep-cleaning them every 12 to 18 months. This is a general guideline and can differ depending on your specific circumstances. In this article, we will discuss the different conditions that will determine how often you should clean your rugs and carpets.

Do you vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly?

Your carpet and rug can last longer if you vacuum them at least once a week. Vacuuming helps in removing all loose particles on the surface of the rug and carpet before they get entangled in the fibres. Regular vacuuming helps you go longer between professional deep cleanings.

However, irrespective of how often you vacuum your rugs and carpets, you will still need the service of a professional rug and carpet cleaner to get rid of the deep dust. If you rarely vacuum these components in your home, then you need to schedule a professional cleaning to improve the quality of your carpet and rug.

Do you (or anyone) have allergies?

The fibres of carpets and rugs are like filters; they collect most of the allergens and dust that are in the air. As time passes by, these particles can build up on the fibres of the carpets and rugs. If you don’t remove them, they can go back into the air whenever anyone walks over them.  You can only remove these allergens through deep cleaning. You need to clean your rug and carpet frequently so that the allergens can be prevented from accumulating.

What is the color of your carpets and rugs?

Light-colored rugs and carpets are known for revealing stains and dirt. If your rugs and carpets are light-colored, then you need to clean them more frequently than the dark-colored ones. The light color is a good thing as it allows you to easily detect dirt, thereby helping you know when to clean the rug or carpet.

Do you need a specific cleaning schedule for your warranty to remain valid?

Many rug and carpet manufacturers require you to adhere to a specific cleaning schedule so that your warranty can remain valid. Some warranty may require you to professionally clean your carpet and rug a certain number of times every year.

You may also be required to keep the receipts that you were issued when you cleaned them. These will come in handy when warranty issues arise. The receipts will allow you to prove that you have followed the instructions of the manufacturer in terms of taking proper care of the rug and carpet.

Do pets walk on your carpets and rugs?

If you have pets in your home, then you need to clean your rugs and carpets regularly. Even pets that are well trained can mess with your carpet or rugs. They can distribute faeces, urine, and vomit on your rug and carpet. These not only cause eye-sore, but they also produce annoying odours.

You need to clean the rug and carpet frequently so that the stains and odours can be neutralised.

Are you living with young children?

Children usually cause smears, spatters, and spills. Parents usually find it challenging to keep their rugs and carpets looking new due to the fruit juice, paint, and mud that their kids have used to stain the rugs and carpets.

Also, children usually spend lots of time on the carpet and rug. It is, therefore, important to keep them fresh and clean. You need to hire a professional rug and carpet cleaner that uses eco-friendly cleaning technology and products so that you can efficiently remove the dirt while protecting your kids from harmful irritants and toxins.

Are shoes worn indoors?

Apart from tracking in dirt, shoes also bring in particles of grit that can make the fibres of the carpets and rugs wear prematurely. The more people you have in your home the more the number of shoes your rug and carpet will have to endure. To prevent your rug and carpet from wearing permanently, you need to remove the dirt and grit periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vacuuming and carpet cleaning the same thing?

Vacuuming is different from carpet cleaning due to the intensity of cleaning that takes place during the cleaning process. You can vacuum your carpet regularly to get rid of dirt and other particles. However, standard vacuums will just brush the surface of the carpets; hence, they are temporary solutions.

Carpet cleaning, on the other hand, provides a deeper clean which goes into the deeper parts of the carpet. Cleaning removes allergen, dirt, and dust that have accumulated on the carpet. Most manufacturer warranties require people to professionally clean their carpets every 12 to 24 months for the warranty to remain valid.

Does cleaning ruin carpets?

Cleaning can ruin carpets if they are not properly cleaned. Inexperienced cleaners usually use poor cleaning equipment that can leave the carpet wet; thereby making mould and mildew grow on it. Apart from ruining the carpet, this can also affect the quality of air in your home.

Also, improper cleaning of the carpet can make the carpet attract soil and dirt; these can reduce the lifespan of the carpet.

What is the average lifespan of a carpet?

The average lifespan of a carpet is determined by the quality of the carpet that you bought. Carpets with low quality often last between 1 and 5 years. Carpets of medium quality last between 5 and 15 years, while high-quality carpets between 15 and 25 years (provided they are properly cleaned).

Wrapping Up

Acute issues can occur with your rugs and carpets, especially if you have kids, pets, or heavy shoe traffic in your home. When you have acute issues, you need to treat the spots immediately. If any stain is resistant to your DIY cleaning methods, then you need to hire the service of a professional rug or carpet cleaning company.

Depending on the amount of traffic that your rugs and carpets get, you need to figure out how frequently you should vacuum and steam treat them. Don’t allow a simple stain to render your warranty invalid.

Get in touch with Top Cleaning GB to help you clean your rugs and carpets if you want to preserve their longevity and warranty coverage.



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