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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service?

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Carpets are an important part of any space. Apart from improving appearance, they also make it more comfortable to walk. They also play a key role in insulation and ambiance. Professional carpet cleaning service can provide great results on carpets that have seen better days.

Budgeting for a carpet cleaning service in advance is a good idea whether you have carpet throughout your house and are planning a spring cleaning or you’re a tenant getting ready to move out and want to make sure your carpeted floor is as clean as possible to keep your security deposit.

This article explores the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning service to clean carpets in different areas of your home.

Why Should You Clean Your Carpet?

The first and most crucial step in extending the life of carpets is to keep them clean. Too much dust can make carpets less soft, cause stains to last longer, and make it necessary to replace carpets more often than is necessary.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are various kinds of carpet cleaning techniques. Your final cost will also be influenced by the kind of carpet cleaning method you select. The different forms of carpet cleaning methods include:

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

This involves the application of a pre-spray cleanser and a solution to the dirty surface. A grooming or pile brush is then used to gently agitate the surface. After the recommended dwell time, a Counter-Rotating Brush can be used on highly filthy areas. The carpet’s surface is then rubbed over and over with a cleaning tool or rotary extractor to make sure the carpet is completely clean.

The price will vary according to the carpet’s loops and how tightly they are twisted, with Berber being the most straightforward and affordable to clean. Wool and cotton carpet prices can be a little higher.

Shampoo Cleaning

This method involves the use of foam with rotating brushes. The foam is worked into the carpet using the rotating brush and the carpet is then thoroughly wet-vacuumed. Since the carpet is not rinsed, the residue can continue attracting dirt even after cleaning, giving rise to the belief that carpet cleaning can cause the carpet to become “dirtier faster” cleaning. After drying, the leftover foam may still be sticky, thus leaving the carpet even more prone to future stains.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

A cleaning foam blanket is instantly applied to a carpet’s surface after it has been dry cleaned in the procedure known as “dry foam cleaning.” The foam is allowed to stand for 10 minutes so that chemicals can permeate into the carpet. This method is usually used for removing grease. It requires less labor and the chemicals used in cleaning the carpet do not attract dust.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

This method uses rotary machines, brush applicators, or compression sprayers to apply the detergent as a wet foam. The dirt is crystallized or bound by the detergent, which dries for almost twenty minutes before being vacuumed up. Compared to traditional carpet shampooing, this approach uses less shampoo and dries more quickly. However, it doesn’t function well on badly stained carpets.

This procedure uses a small amount of moisture so that carpets may be used again quickly. This technique is solely intended for use in commercial maintenance. Encapsulation cleaning should be periodically followed (every 2–3 cleanings) by thorough hot water extraction.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The bonnet carpet cleaning method is a common carpet cleaning strategy that is used in commercial buildings like supermarkets, large offices, hotels, and warehouses. A cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet, and after that, a pad powered by a motor is allowed to spin over the carpet and remove all the dirt.

Unlike shampooing and hot water extraction, this process only cleans the fibers’ surface; it does not achieve the same level of deep cleaning. Due to the lack of hot water, the spin-bonnet method may not be as effective at sanitizing carpet fibers.

The Cost of Professional Cleaning

As with most home projects, the price you can expect to pay will be determined by its size. Here are some common size examples and their respective prices:

  • £20 to £30 for a single bedroom
  • £30 to £45 for a double bedroom
  • £60 to £100 for the lounge and dining room
  • Stairs and Landings £2 per step
  • Hallways cost between £15 and £20

With this route, it’s important to note that there may also be a minimum charge. Tjis implies that it will be cheaper to clean multiple rooms than just spot-cleaning some areas.

Prices can also be given to you based on the size of your entire home or flat, which, in most cases, gives you a better offer.

  • £105 to £165 for a one-bedroom flat
  • A two-bedroom apartment costs between £135 and £210
  • Apartments with three bedrooms range in price from £165 to £255
  • Terraced three-bedroom houses range in price from £193 to £283
  • Terraced four-bedroom homes range in price from £251 to £356

It’s important to keep in mind that stairs and landings normally incur an additional fee, so it’s ideal to always inquire upfront to avoid being surprised by a supplemental charge after the job.

It’s best to bargain for a price that includes the cost of cleaning the whole house, not just one room because this is usually the cheapest way to get a house that looks like new.

Get Professional and Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services

Although having soft carpets in a home is a delight, maintaining their cleanliness and general upkeep does require effort. When faced with discolored, unpleasant carpets, most homeowners want to know how much it will cost to hire professional carpet cleaning services; we’ve done that in this post.

Hiring a reputable carpet cleaning service like, Top Cleaning GB, is simple, convenient, and affordable. Contact us right away for a free quote.



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