Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Q: Can you guarantee that all stains will be removed?

A: Removing stains is a difficult process. It really depends on what’s caused the stain, how long it’s been on the carpet, the texture of the carpet and what you’ve used to try and remove the stain. Some stains (from blood, red wine, dark tea or coffee, oil etc.) cannot be removed 100% as they colour or damage the fabric of the carpet immediately. To get the best results, give us a call as soon as the stain appears.

Q: Do you steam clean sisal or seagrass carpets?

A: Unfortunately these types of fabrics cannot be steam cleaned as they’re made from natural fibres that melt when exposed to high temperatures.

Q: Do you move furniture when you clean carpets?

A: Yes, in order for us to achieve the best results we move as much furniture as possible.

Q: How soon can you send a carpet cleaner to my home or place of work?

A: Please let us know your best dates and times and we’ll let you know our closest available dates.



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