Home Tricks For Cleaning Blinds

How to Clean Different Types Of Blinds




For many people, blinds can be just pieces of fabric or plastic to protect their home from the sun. In the summer they are most used along with the air conditioner. For many people, however, blinds are part of the interior. Their main function is to protect from sunlight and light during the day, as well as keeping cool from the heat outside. When choosing blinds, people should also think about cleaning them because it is very important. The dust itself causes allergic reactions and a number of respiratory problems. Whatever type of blinds you buy – vertical, horizontal, roller, textile, wood or aluminum, be sure that cleaning them will be necessary. You’ll just have to get the appropriate detergents and equipment to clean them. There are different methods that can be used.We all know well how harmful home dust is for us and our family, so if you want to know more how to prevent from it, read-How your home could be making you sick. It will be very helpful for you.

Cleaning horizontal aluminum blinds

What would be the best technique and method for cleaning horizontal blinds? For quick cleaning, you can use a brush that worth several pounds in an online store. If blinds are really dirty, and you want them really good cleaned, then you will need to use something stronger. You can find an extremely wide range of home cleaning products for any kind of dirt and surfaces. You can choose cleaning products even with a fragrance to refresh your room.




The best and easiest way to clean the aluminum blinds is to remove and wash them with hot water. Close the blinds, then detach them from the hanging mechanism below. Then, depending on the grip on the top, detach and remove them carefully. In this state leave them on the floor of the room where you will wash them. Run the hot water and wet the blinds, then sprinkle with a 1: 1 solution of water with vinegar. Wait a few minutes for the active substances to work on the surface and wipe with a damp sponge, after that do the same with a microfiber cloth. Turn the blinds back using the mechanism and repeat the procedure. Wash with plenty of water and see if they are clean. If you notice that there are still dirty areas, repeat the process until they shine like new ones.

Cleaning vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a modern alternative to curtains. They bring the desired style and completeness into the interior of your home or office. The mechanisms allow them to be clamped to a ceiling or to a wall. They can be manually or electrically driven. Happily, using modern fabrics, vertical blinds do not hold much dust and are easy to maintain. Their high cost makes them considerably less attractive to more people, despite easier maintenance and lower levels of pollution. The easiest method to maintain them clean it with a damp microfiber cloth.

Cleaning exterior blinds

If you decide to buy outside blinds, cleaning them on the outside of the window is a must. Their first and primary enemy is weather and air itself. When you live in the city, car vapors are more than normal and dirt sticks to them. And when you open the window the whole dirt and dust are likely to fall into your home. One of the most effective methods for cleaning them is to fill a pot with warm water and add a few drops of vinegar. Then, wet a towel and start from top to bottom to clean the roller shutter.



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Author: Mladen Shahanov