How your home makes you sick?


How can home environment make you sick?



There is nothing nicer than falling into a cozy bed after a long working day. Although, you might not be aware of the fact that the icky details about dust mites dwelling in your bed sheets may make you sleep on your couch instead. According to some statistics that have been made, the average person sheds roughly half an ounce of dead skin every week, which stays in your bed sheets and becomes prime feeding material for dust mites. The fecal matter and other debris they leave behind can lead you to some serious negative effects on your health, such as exacerbating eczema, seasonal allergies, skin irritations, and many more. To keep all these critters out of your snooze space, be sure to wash your bed sheets in 60 degree water at least once a week, or even better- to hire a professional cleaners to do it professionally at least once per month plus cleaning everything surrounding you, simply because the bed sheets are a very small part of the dirt that is hiding everywhere at your home, waiting to attack you, your family members or pets, and the other visitors or people residing the property.

Contaminated heating and cooling vents





If you are feeling extra allergenic or sick for no apparent reason, most probably the reason is your contaminated heating and cool ducts. Only a little bit of dust in these pipes is normal and very harmless, but in some cases mold and other debris can build up, wreaking havoc on your health. Removing mold and other toxins from pipes that have become highly contaminated is more than a smart move if you feel allergenic, sick or you suspect that you are, but it’s urgently needed in order to protect your health and your family’s health. The best you could do is to rather hire experts in this area to clean them professionally so you won’t worsen the situation with the wrong toxic detergents or spread the dust around.

Your old vacuum



You probably consider you vacuum cleaner as a good cleaning tool in your home, but as it turns out, it may be doing more damage than good. A study that has been made and published in a couple of journals tested 21 different vacuum cleaning machines varying in a brand, price, and age, and found that every single one of them released some dust, bacteria, and allergies into the air. This pollution was much more harsh with the older vacuums and those that were not equipped with appropriate filters. Even though you might vacuum your home for example or every kind of property every day, you probably damage the air you and your family members are probably breathing than cleaning the place. Maybe you are thinking that your old vacuum is the best cleaning tool because you bought the best from the market back then a couple of years ago, but the truth is that your vacuum cleaner most likely doesn’t have a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, especially if your vacuum is old. Even if it sucks good and you clean your filter regularly, this won’t help your indoor air but worsen it. You should definitely take this into consideration and think of a better and safer way of vacuuming, especially if you have children living there. A dusty air can damage your kids’ health for life, not to mention more scary and serious possibilities for them. The best way to prevent dirt and dust from flying back into your indoor air is to hire professional cleaners that knows how to clean safe for the health with professional cleaning machines that won’t spread the dust and the dirt into your air but will clean everything perfectly and using eco-green products and detergents that are safe for the health. You can rely on the professionalism in the cleaning services that we provide our clients with

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There is nothing more stress-reducing than petting your fluffy furry friend when coming back home after a long stressing day. Our fluffy pets are not just cute and loving, but they are truly relaxing us and love us more than we could expect. Furry friends can be as loved and valued as human family members, but unfortunately, the danger they leave behind has the potential to make you and your family members sick. Pet danger is made up of microscopic bits of dead skin and is notorious for causing people to sneeze and sniffle, especially people with pet allergies. If you or some of the people you live with are allergic and you have a furry friend/s, the best way to prevent your allergies from flaring up around your pet is to keep it off of your furniture, fabrics, and carpets or rugs as much as possible. You should also make sure you clean and dust your home as often as possible, so you can stop the furry friends’ danger from piling up.

Household cleaning products



The majority of household cleaning products are packed with loads of harmful and toxic chemicals that can cause a lot of different problems to your health. The most concerning products are those that contain carcinogens that cause cancer, such as certain laundry detergents that contain formaldehyde, and toxic jewelry cleaners, which often carry the toxic chemical perchloroethylene. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural, farm-free ways to clean your home efficiently and to keep it fresh and shiny. Natural ingredients like lemon, vinegar, cooking oil and baking soda are doing a great job for that while keeping your health in check at the same time. However, not everyone is used to use natural ways of cleaning and neither have the knowledge needed to start doing it, so if you are new at that but you still want to protect yours and your family member’s health, do not hesitate to ask out for help a professional cleaning company that use eco-green products and is knowledgeable of how to clean naturally with the best after-results possible. If that article was helpful to you, we think that the next one-Health Effects of a Cluttered Home should also grab your attention about some things you have to avoid at your home.

We stopped cleaning our houses with lemon, water, and vinegar like our mothers did, and we clean with chemicals. We’re breathing chemicals and then everyone wonders why cancer is the biggest killer.