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5 Common Mistakes Made When Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the best appliances that you can use to clean your home. Vacuum cleaners do good jobs when it comes to cleaning surfaces and getting rid of dirt from your living space. However, there are many vacuum cleaner mistakes that we commit which can make it break down.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining the vacuum cleaner will prolong its lifespan. Nevertheless, some mistakes can cause huge harm and render it useless. Although is tough, it is important to know the harmful mistakes that you should avoid.

Common Mistakes Made

In this article, I will talk about 5 common mistakes that you should avoid when using a vacuum cleaner. This article will help you prevent these mistakes from occurring so that you can always be in a top-notch condition.

1.    Not emptying the dust cup regularly

The vacuum cleaner cannot perform optimally if the dust cup is not emptied regularly. If you use your vacuum cleaner while the dust cup has not been emptied, the motor can overheat as a restricted airflow. This can make the vacuum cleaner to be less effective and less efficient. You can prevent this from happening by always emptying the vacuum dust cup before and after using the vacuum cleaner.

2.    Using the vacuum for items that you shouldn’t

Vacuum cleaners are meant for cleaning. However, some people make the mistake of using vacuum cleaners for items like broken glasses. This can harm the machine. The glasses can scratch the inner part of the bag or may block the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

If you want to clean broken glass, the best thing to do is to clear the spot so that you can get rid of the bits of glass, then use a paper towel to remove the little pieces from the floor before vacuuming the floor.

3.    Getting a new vacuum cleaner due to lack of power

If you experience a sudden suction loss while using your vacuum cleaner, you have nothing to worry about. This can be caused by different reasons, and not all the reasons mean that your vacuum has spoiled. You should try the following before you do anything:

  • Get rid of the dirt in the dust cup.
  • Check to see if the hose has been clogged.
  • Check if the connection between the hose and the vacuum has been clogged, and
  • Remove anything that is wrapped around the brush roll.

In most situations, taking the actions above will help you detect what the problem is and your vacuum will start working again. So lack of power does not mean that you should get a new vacuum cleaner.

However, if after doing all these your vacuum cleaner fails to work, then you need to get in touch with a vacuum repair service provider to see if they can restore your machine.

4.    Assuming the motor has spoilt

In some cases, the vacuum may shut off when it overheats. Most vacuums have an auto-shutoff feature that protects the vacuum cleaner from a fatal incident.

If you find yourself in this situation, then you should try the same steps that I described above for loss of suction. Also, check the machine’s user manual to see how you can reset the vacuum. If you’ve misplaced the paper copy of the manual, you can check it online using the make and model number of the machine.

5.    Not cleaning the filter

Vacuum cleaners have a series of cleaners that pick up fine dust and dirt particles. The essence of the filters is to prevent dust from going back into the air. However, if the filters are filled with dust, they will not work efficiently.

A filter that is clogged with grime will not remove allergens effectively. Although you don’t need to change the filter as often as the bag, you need to replace the filter when it shows signs of wear, or if it is dirty.

The specific step that you take in cleaning your vacuum cleaner filter will depend on its model. Some machines have washable filters that you need to replace every few months while some have both washable and disposable filters.

Check your user’s manual to see how you can maintain your filter.

What are the things you shouldn’t use a vacuum for?

You should never vacuum large pieces of glass, wet food, fine dust, fireplace ashes, coins, gravel, paperclips, dry cereal, hair, and gravel.

What are the safety precautions that you should observe when vacuuming tiled floors?

When vacuuming tiled floors, here are some safety tips that you should adhere to:

  • When you’re not using the vacuum cleaner, unplug it from the wall outlet.
  • Don’t use a commercial vacuum cleaner outdoors.
  • Don’t vacuum a wet surface.
  • Don’t pull a vacuum cleaner by its cord.

How many times should you vacuum?

According to home experts, it is recommended to vacuum carpets and rugs at least twice every week. High-traffic areas should be vacuumed more often. If you have pets in your home, then you need to vacuum daily to get rid of dirt, hair, dander, and other microscopic allergens that you cannot see with your naked eye.

Do you need to mop after vacuuming?

You should vacuum your floors regularly to get rid of dust and debris from areas like cracks and crevices. After vacuuming, you need to wet-mop to remove any bonded soils. You can also use wet mopping when you want to clean spills.

Should you dust before or after using a vacuum cleaner?

When you are doing a thorough cleaning, you should dust the room before you use a vacuum cleaner. This is necessary so that you can vacuum particles floating into the air while working.

Wrapping Up

I believe that the tips shared in this article will help you know those vacuum cleaner mistakes that you should avoid. Feel free to contact the experts at Top Cleaning GB to discuss your vacuuming and general home cleaning needs.



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