Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning


End of Tenacy cleaning

Professional End of Tenancy cleaning services in London

In our End of tenancy cleaning company, we believe in perfectionism. We won’t give up until we achieve the best clean results in your property and until you’re fully 100% satisfied with our work. In every service we provide you with, we pay strong attention to detail and always do our best to get you with the best possible results when cleaning your property. We use the best detergents and professional machines, so we can get your property in untouchable condition.

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Cost (from) EOT + Carpet Clean
Studio flat …              +1 bath £89 10% Off
1 bedroom flat           +1 bath £130 10% Off
2 bedroom flat           +1 bath £150 10% Off
3 bedroom flat           +1 bath £170 10% Off
4 bedroom flat           +1 bath £200 10% Off
Extra bathroom,toilet,additional room,storage,utility room,staircase
extra fridge,oven,blinds and balcony

*All costs and offers are subject to our Terms & Conditions. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply.

Our Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning includes all internal areas of the property:
Vacuum and dusting all rooms
All internal windows and frame
Removal of Cobwebs
Dust removal
Inside and outside all cupboards
All work surfaces
Oven cleaning inside and out
Full Check List
or just download the full check list approved from all agencies

Working with cleaning experts

Over the years we’ve worked with national letting agents and estate agents, private landlords and individual tenants. So our experienced and professional house cleaners have the expertise and knowledge to complete an end of tenancy cleaning to an exceptionally high standard.

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When it’s time to move out, many tenants neglect to do a final move out cleaning. Usually, because most people think it would be too difficult or expensive. Cleaning a whole property by yourself might be too difficult and most people prefer to not do it. Fortunately, we would be more than happy to provide you with our Top Cleaning GB LTD services. Forget about worrying about getting your deposit in full from your landlord or about paying too much for cleaning.
Or maybe you’re a landlord and you’re worrying how difficult will be to find new tenants after the mess that the previous tenants left? The answer to these question is one – What attracts people is immaculate cleanliness. If you’re a landlord and you’re trying to rent out your property, getting it to an immaculate condition will make it much easier to rent. Hiring some of our professional cleaners costs are not so expensive and we can guarantee you great results. All of our cleaners are fully trained and work in a professional manner at affordable prices. If you’re moving out of rented accommodation, an important part of the moving process is the end of rental cleaning service. Getting the property back to the pristine condition can save you a lot more in deposit and argument.
For us, it’s all about attention to detail. So we do a thorough and deep clean throughout the entire property. Whether you’re a landlord renting the property out, a tenant moving on or out or a new owner moving in we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results. If you find yourself in any of these circumstances, you’ve probably already have made some research on the thousands of internet cleaning companies websites. Many of them are with nice and colorful web-design and fake pictures, promising you the best and quickest results and so on, but do you really think they will send you truly professional cleaners? We understand how hard it might be for some small cleaning companies and that they cannot directly hire professionals in the area immediately after popping out on the market, but when it comes to the clients, we insist to give them the best services on a fair and affordable price, instead of leaving you unsatisfied and to ruin our reputation we have built up through the years. Your 100% satisfaction with the results of our work is our number one priority!

When it comes to cleaning, we understand that not everyone would let strangers at their property nor to clean everything they own. We understand that very well and we would not only always respect your property and everything you own, but also will take care of your property and items and make them look like new! You can rely on us and even observe everything our precious and professional employees do and guide them, so they can do even better!

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Deep Cleaning
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If you’re not prepared with a list of the areas and the items you would like us to clean for you, you can always guide our cleaners at the moment and even tell them about your certain way of cleaning and detergents you might prefer. Our staff would be happy to do the cleaning exactly the way you want and are ready to make your property sparkling shiny and clean as new!

If you have any questions visit our General Cleaning FAQ